Frequently Asked Questions

Check most frequently asked questions here, if you still need help then please send us a message on our "contact" page.


For smaller systems 120v is usually enough, for but systems as large as the MEGAFORMXL, 220v is required.

The forming area iteself is 22x22. This is because 1 inch is required on each side of the plastic sheet to be held in place by the steel frame.

Yes! We can make any size system you may need. If you would like a custom sized system please message us in our "contact" page.

The system will come with instruction however there are only 5-6 steps to install. 99% of the system comes built and ready to go.

Because of our design, the system is able to collapse and become much smaller. Therefore freight shipping is not required. The system will be shipped via UPS ground in a large box surrounded with 2 inch thick foam on all sides to ensure it arrives safely.

Our system has 2 options available. You can use a standard house vacuum, or you can use a vacuum pump system. Household vacuums are recommended for thin plastics. Vacuum pumps are recommended for thicker plastics. You cannot use both at the same time.

If using a vacuum pump instead of a household vacuum, we recommend a vacuum pump with a 6cfm rating or higher.

The system currently does not come with a plug. This is because it requires 220v and there are a lot of different 220v wiring configurations out there and all kinds of 220v plugs as well. However, there are 3 wires, white, black, and green. The white and the black are the ones that have the actual power going through it. The green is just for high voltage safety. The system will work without connecting the green wire but it is highly recommended for safety that it is wired properly. We are not responsible for improper wiring damages.

The system is a 220v, 3000W, 13.6A system.